Stackable Herb Garden!

Hey guys! How goes your week? I like to start my Mondays off with and outdoor project. I enjoy a nice sunny day with my hands in the dirt. No problems are stress, just me and nature. It's it me or does everyone think like this? lol

Now for my project. The weather has been kind of unpredictable lately; pollen in abundance; rain; sunny; cold. Sooooo.. I decided to build a stackable, herb garden and put it in my kitchen; at least until the weather gets better.

I purchased a host of herb starter plants from my local Lowe's plant store. Next I stopped by my favorite, neighborhood Family dollar store to look for planters. As luck would have it, I found 3 pot, stackable planters! Yes, three pots! More luck...they were $1.00 each, so I bought 5! You cant beat paying $5 bulks for 15 plant holders, right? Last but not least, I purchased a bag of potting soil, especially used for potting new plants.

I have posted a few pics so tell me what you think! Originally, I was going to leave the garden on my front porch, so I added a few, cute motion detectors to scare away any critters. As a side note, the deer will eat your peace Lilly plants, but that's a story for another blog. lol

Hope you like what I did! These are herbs that I use in my pain, anxiety and stress management, products as well as include in my diet daily. It smells amazing and naturally cleans the air! Now for the cost of this project. Plants $30 bulks; 5 planters total $5.00; soil, $3.50; tiny scare crows, $1.00 each(3); price of fun and relaxing good time, priceless!

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