Hi guys, hope you are enjoying the beauty and aromas of spring 2021. One the many things I enjoy around this time of year, is learning about all the various herbs! Chocolate Peppermint was my new fav last year!

I'm always growing something new in my garden so I can test it out as part of my gluten free diet. As you probably have realized, there are not a whole lot of choices if you deal with this problem.

I love brewing a new tea and investigating all its benefits to my mind body and soul. When I find one that works, I try incorporating it into my diet by adding it to my salads and dishes or a big picture of sun tea! Just a note to make sure your herb is eatable. Some are not so you must investigate ok? lol And if you're still not sure, just message me and Ill be happy to help you out!

Now to my new fav this year! Pineapple Peppermint! Right? I know! Its seems to be more of a running plant. I've prepped a garden bed for it but, now I'm considering, testing it in a pot inside. If it works inside it can freshen the air as well as be ready for plucking when I decide to try a fresh cup of pineapple, peppermint tea! Sounds yummy right? Ill let you know how it turns out, ok?

Please share your finds as well and be sure to visit our store and try the pain management oils? Its a-maz-ing!

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